Data Transfer

You can transfer data between certain Polar products (listed below) and web service. To transfer training information to, you need to be registered at the web service.

Training Data / Activity data

Transfer training/activity data from your training/activity computer to your diary in You can easily see which data is new and transferred after your last login, since it has been highlighted in your diary.

Training Programs

Endurance programs for running and cycling, available for Polar RC3 GPS, RCX3 and RCX5 training computer users, help you improve your endurance by guiding with the amount and intensity of training that is suitable for your individual fitness level. Create a program in and transfer it into your RC3 GPS, RCX3 or RCX5.

Polar Running training programs are available on five levels and can help improve your fitness or train for a specific event. Polar Cycling training programs are developed for you to improve your fitness or to train for an event. Create a program in and transfer it into your RC3 GPS, RCX3 or RCX5.

Activate the STAR training program on your Polar FT60 or FT80 training computer, and transfer it into For more information on the STAR training program, see your training computer's user manual.  

Create Keeps U Fit - Own Workout program in and transfer it to your Polar F55 training computer.

See more information in Training Programs.

Strength Training Exercises

Create strength training workout in and save it to your diary. Transfer the workout to your Polar FT80 training computer. See more information in Strength Training Exercises.

Data Transfer Software

Go to Applications / Downloads to download data transfer software. Depending on your product, select either WebLink or WebSync software.

Polar WebSync

Use Polar WebSync™ and USB cable or Polar DataLink or FlowLink data communication device with Polar RC3 GPS training computer, Polar RCX3 training computer, Polar RCX5 training computer, Polar CS500 cycling computer, Polar FA20 activity computer, Polar FT7, FT40, FT60, FT80 and RS300X training computers. Instructions on how to use Polar WebSync 2.x can be found from Polar WebSync 2.x Help.

Polar WebLink

You can transfer data via SonicLink or IR communication. Polar WebLink is compatible with the following Polar products: AXN500, AXN700, CS200, CS300, CS400, CS600, F6, F7, F11, F55, RS200, RS400, RS800, RS800CX, S410, S510, S520, S610, S610i, S625X, S710, S710i, S720i, S725, S725X, S810 and S810i.

Transferring Data with Polar WebLink

  1. Double click the WebLink icon on your PC screen to open the software.
  2. Enter your web service username and password in the Settings page.
  3. Select the Polar product model that you use in Settings. Check your model from the back plate of your training computer.
  4. Select the communication port for your training computer.
  5. Save settings by clicking OK from the Settings page.
  6. Click Continue and set your unit to start the transmission. The files will be automatically transferred to the web service.
  7. After the transfer, the software informs you how many new training sessions were sent to your diary in the web service. The same training sessions will not be saved in your diary twice.
  8. After training data transfer, you can click Go to Web to log into
  9. Click Close on the right-top corner of the window to close the software. You will find comprehensive instructions in the Help function of the Polar WebLink software once you have installed it to your PC.