• Welcome

    Polarpersonaltrainer.com is a web service designed to motivate and support you in your training, right from the very beginning.

    Together with polarpersonaltrainer.com, Polar training computers guide you towards your training goals.

    Registering in polarpersonaltrainer.com is free of charge. We want to support your training and offer you new Polar user experiences already today.
  • Plan

    You can create a training program and edit it according to your personal needs and aims. 

    You can also create training targets and follow their progress, either on your own or together with your friends.
  • Train

    In case you want some extra motivation in your training, you can challenge your friends to a virtual competition: for example the one who burns 20 000 calories or gets 200 miles of training results the quickest wins.

    You can keep a versatile training diary manually, but reaching a totally new level in your training is easy when you use a Polar training computer and a data transfer device: you can effortlessly transfer all your training data from your Polar training computer to polarpersonaltrainer.com.

  • Analyze

    In the Progress section you have a variety of analysis views at your disposal. The different views answer to different needs, from beginner level exercisers to experienced athletes.

    You can share your training results in your chosen social network. This way you can further increase your motivation and get tips from your friends or team mates.

    Use the Training Load functionality as your intelligent coach: the Training Load indicates when you should train at a lower intensity, and also when you are ready to train at a higher intensity. The number of your training sessions increases the accuracy of the Training Load: the more training results you transfer to polarpersonaltrainer.com, the more accurate the Training Load information gets.